Atlas, Marvin H.

Marvin Herbert Atlas of New Milford, Connecticut, passed away peacefully on April 29, 2016 in New Milford Hospital. A Philadelphia native and son of Barney and Betty Atlas, Marvin proudly served as a Marine in WW II, then returned to Chicago, married Shirley Brown, and fathered his two sons, Barry (Suffolk, Virginia) and Scott (Stanford, California).

Marvin lived his long and fulfilling life his way, enjoying his pastimes of watching sports, smoking good cigars and drinking good Italian wines, often surrounded by many dear friends and his wife of many years, Dorothy Pecker Scalice. Marvin was a proud multi-decade employee of Ray Catena Lexus, where he worked until recently.

He was thrilled to attend a memorable Celebration of Life for his 90th birthday recently in New York City, surrounded by his wife Dorothy, many of his dearest friends, his long-time good friend and employer Ray Catena, his sons, daughters-in-law Tammy and Janice, and his loving grandsons Blake Atlas (Suffolk, Virginia), Brandon Hawkins (Washington, DC), Bryan Hawkins (Boulder, Colorado), Joseph Atlas (Princeton, New Jersey) and Ben Atlas (Cambridge, England).  Instead of a funeral to mourn his death, the family decided to leave his many friends with the memory of that celebration of his life, in line with his wishes.

Marvin was cremated in Bridgeport, Connecticut. His ashes will be lovingly dispersed in a location appropriate to commemorate his life’s passions.

In lieu of flowers, Marvin would be touched to have donations honoring him given to help Marine Veterans. One such charity is:

Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund

Oceanside, CA

(760) 725-3680


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